About us

Landon Business Solutions aids pandemic-hit businesses, promoting success through diverse services.

Pandemic Response for Business Success

Since 2020 in the chaos of the pandemic Landon Business solutions was established to assist business owners in a variety of ways to ensure long term success and profitability. LBS president,Todd White began the LBS journey as a sales consultant in the merchant services industry over 15 years ago. In the process, he recognized that many business owners are experts in their chosen field but often lacked the awareness that running a business is much more than simply providing a superior product or service.

Efficient Tools for Business Profitability

That realization triggered the motivation to use the knowledge of working with business owners to ensure that they all have the resources to be as successful as possible.
As a merchant services broker, the team at Landon Business Solutions has the ability to provide the best credit processing tools and options for any business that allows them to run their businesses as efficiently as possible. Efficiency equals profits.

Along the way, LBS added business solutions services to the mix as well as social media marketing and web development and maintenance.
Our motto when you win we win is the basis of all that we do. Focusing on helping businesses win is what we pride ourselves on.


Website Design

LBS provides expert website design to elevate businesses' online visibility and engagement

Social Media Management

Landon Business Solutions boosts businesses through effective digital marketing strategies.

Business Solutions Services

LBS facilitates new ventures with comprehensive business solutions support.

Do You Have Questions?

Reach our team for prompt assistance and information on services.

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