Landon Business Solutions

Landon Business Solutions est. 2020. We assist small businesses achieve success through several solutions that are critical to the success of every business in today’s digital world.

Credit Card Processing

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LBS empowers small businesses with stellar web presence. Expert consultation, design, and management.


LBS’s social media team drives business, engages customers, and enhances brand with real-time feedback insights.


Form an LLC, secure loans in 24-48 hours. Multiple lenders offer quick capital, even for low credit.

Merchant Services

Landon Business Solutions offers top-notch Merchant Services, providing businesses with seamless credit card processing solutions. With their expertise and cutting-edge technology, they empower businesses to streamline transactions and boost revenue effortlessly.

Landon Business Solutions leverages tech for merchant services across diverse industries.


Business Setup LLC


Loans/Raising Capital



About Us

Landon Business Solutions was established in 2020. the mission is to assist business owners ensure long term success and profitability. Landon Business Solutions president began this journey as a sales consultant over 15 years ago. in the prothe recognized that many business owners are experts in their field of choice however they often lacked awareness that running a successful business is much more than simply providing a superior product or service.

This reality triggered the mission of being a resource for assisting business owners be as successful as possible.Using the experience of working with thousands of successfu businesses.Our team has the experience and know how to take any business to the next level.lf you are just starting out or have Fifty years in business.Landon Business Solutions can be an excellent resource to achieve greater success.

a Merchant Services Broker, Landon Business Solutions offers credit card processing, web design, options for social media management and Financing Solutions, These are tools thst allow businesses to run ad efficiently as possible. Efficiency equals max profitibillity.

Landon Business Solutions can work in any industry, large or small,low risk or high risk businesses. We partner with many merchant services providers and rely on our relationships to offer a solutions as unique as your business. From Point of sales touch screens terminals,credit card terminals,mobile swipers or the ability to process cards online or your staff can keep in their pockets and various creative solutions in-between, we can help your business grow.


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I have been doing business with todd for several years now, He is, without a doubt, easy to work with, kind and professional. Thanks for all you do. LOEB’S Deli

Marlene Loeb owner of Loebs Deli